Talking TV: For Michaela Pereira, Lots Of Opportunities Remain In Talk

Jan 21 2023

The prospect of $20 million-$30 million talkers may be on indefinite hold, but Michaela Pereira says that doesn’t mean the field has been fenced off.

Pereira, a Canadian-born former anchor at KTLA and KTTV, is currently readying her own eponymous talker for fall release with PPI. She says the key ingredient for it — or any other talk show that stands a chance — is the host’s ability to forge a genuine connection with audiences in an age where we’ve all come to feel too disconnected from everything.

In this Talking TV conversation, Pereira expounds on how to come at that sense of connection and how a long career in daily live television can be one of the best foundations for helming a talker.