Advantage broadcasters:  you now have the flexibility to create your own weekend sports line-up. SSN puts you in the driver’s seat and your audience in the center of the action. 


The Immortals: Iconic careers of the greatest names in sports history – Muhammad Ali, Pele, Wayne Gretsky, Michael Jordan, Jack Nicklaus and Annika Sorenstam to Tiger Woods, Pete Sampras, Monica Seles, Usain Bolt and many many more – are celebrated in this stunning 52-part series.

The Shortlist: The ultimate sports count down series – featuring iconic themes focused upon the most memorable moments and individuals in sport. The ten most memorable debuts, the ten most revered innovators, the greatest comebacks of all time… and much more.

Pure Outdoor: Action sports without boundaries – from freestyle ski jumping to airplane aerobatics, motocross, cycling, surfing and triathlons to cliff diving and water-ski racing. From every corner of the world, where active life-styles, individual challenge and the vast outdoors meet.


- Format: Weekly half-hours 

- Utility: Weekends (optional strip)

- Barter: 4:00 Local / 3.30 National

Delivery: Six (6) half-hours per week, via Pathfire 

    * The Immortals (30:00 X 2) 
    * The Short List (30:00 X 2)
    * Pure Outdoor (30:00 X 2)

Minimum one (1) half-hour per week ROS commitment

Available for weekend and/or Mon-Fri strip

The Immortals
The Immortals
The Short List
The Short List
Pure Outdoor
Pure Outdoor
The Immortals
99999 Ratings

Here are sales highlights for Syndie Sports Net (SSN), for the week of Mar 29-Apr 4. Comparisons are based on shares with 2 decimals.

Los Angeles, KTTV (FOX) Sun 2:00-3:00pm - SSN jumps +35% over its HH lead-in.

Los Angeles, KCOP (IND) Sun 7:30pm - Trending up over the past 3 weeks, SSN almost doubles its own Feb 2021 HH delivery.

Dallas, KDFI (IND) Sun 1:30am - Outscores its Schitt's Creek lead-in with HH (+5%), M25-54 (+14%), and A25-54 (+17%). More than 6 times better than it was last year with M25-54 and A25-54. Compared to its Feb 2021 levels, SSN triples its HH, while M25-54 are infinitely up, and A25-54 are more than 7x stronger.

San Francisco, KICU (IND) Sat 6:00-7:00pm - SSN is +9% better than it was last year with M25-54.

Atlanta, WPCH (IND) Sat 2:00am - More than doubles last year's HH time period. Superior to its Carbonaro Effect HH lead-in by +10%.

Houston, KRIV (FOX) Fri/Sat 4:00am - Rises above its lead-in with HH (+8%), M25-54 (+12%), and A25-54 (+6%). Soars over the Feb 2021 time period: HH (+55%), M25-54 (+61%), and A25-54 (+88%). Also improves last year's time period by +30% with HH.

Boston, NSBO (RSN) Sat 4:00-5:00pm - Afternoon Appointment TV, standing tall above its lead-in and lead-out, with M25-54 and A25-54. Lead-in gains are substantial: +92% (M25-54) and +94% (A25-54). More than doubles the Feb 2021 time period with HH and A25-54, while M25-54 more than triples. Impressive gains over last year's time period, too: HH (+19%), M25-54 (more than double), A25-54 (+57%).

Seattle, KING (NBC) Sun 3:00pm - SSN delivers tremendous growth over its own delivery last year... and last sweep. Vs. last year, the show more than doubles with HH, M25-54, and A25-54. Vs. last sweep, SSN is more than 5 times stronger with HH and A25-54, while M25-54 are more than 6x better.

Detroit, WXYZ (ABC) Sat 4:30pm - SSN is infinitely stronger than its ABC Network HH lead-in (0.00).

Denver, KDVR (FOX) Sat 2:00pm and Sat 4:30am

In the afternoon... SSN is Appointment TV, with infinite increases over its snoozing lead-in (0.00), while its lead-out goes to sleep (0.00), with HH, M25-54, and A25-54. The show is also +25% improved over the Feb 2021 time period with M25-54.

In late fringe... SSN more than triples the Feb 2021 HH time period, while M25-54 increase +94%, and A25-54 rise +42%. The show almost quadruples last year's time period with M25-54, while A25-54 gain +37%.

Orlando, WOFL (FOX) Sat 12:00m - SSN is more than 7 times better than the Feb 2021 HH time period.

Portland OR, KPTV (FOX) Sun 1:00pm - Afternoon Appointment TV, infinitely up over its dead lead-in (0.00), while its lead-out fades to black (0.00) with HH and A25-54. SSN is also up over its own Feb 2021 delivery with A25-54 (+Infinity).

San Diego, KSWB (FOX) Sun 1:30-3:00pm - This triple-run is superior to its lead-in by +7%.

Nashville, WZTV (FOX) Sat 12:00m - Appointment TV, with an infinite increase over its sleeping lead-in (0.00), while its Raw Travel lead-out breaks down.

Nashville, WUXP (IND) Sat 3:00-4:00am - SSN is more than 5 times better than it was in Feb 2021.

Milwaukee, EVTV (IND) Sat 8:30am - Appointment TV, infinitely better than its Wild America lead-in (0.00), while its lead-out returns to 0.00. The show is also +28% stronger than last year's time period.

West Palm Beach, WTVX (CW) Sat 4:00pm and 12:30am

In the afternoon... SSN is Appointment TV, rising +11% over its lead-in, while its lead-out falls down dead (0.00). SSN more than triples itself compared to last year... and last sweep.

In late fringe... SSN is infinitely up over its lead-in. And, it more than doubles over its own Feb 2021 delivery.

West Palm Beach, WTCN (IND) Sat 6:30pm - In this key time period, SSN almost doubles last year's time period. And, it almost triples itself from Feb 2021.

Las Vegas, NVCW (IND) Sat 2:30-4:00pm - This triple-run of SSN is improved +11% over its own Feb 2021 delivery.

Providence, EPRI (IND) Sun 12:30-1:30pm - Mark your appointment calendar with SSN, as it's infinitely above its lead-in (0.00), while its lead-out declines. The show is trending up over the past 3 weeks... and is now infinitely above its Feb 2021 score.

Source: NSI WRAP Multi-Market Program Tracks; Week of 3/29/21; Comparisons by 2-decimal share in Live+SD; Last year is Feb 2020; Last sweep is Feb 2021; Lead-in comparison is prior 1/4 hr to full program average