PPI'S Holiday Movies Pack – 2 years (23/24 and 24/25)    

5 titles per season 

Title Length: 2 hours 

Barter split: 15 Local/15 National      

2 runs per title are available


Back to Christmas: 11/4/2023-11/26/2023

Another Christmas Kiss: 11/4/2023-11/26/2023

My Santa: 11/4/2023-11/26/2023

12 Dog Days till Christmas: 11/27/2023-12/31/2023

A Perfect Christmas: 11/27/2023-12/31/2023

*windows subject to change


A Perfect Christmas: 11/2/2024-11/24/2024

My Dad is Scrooge: 11/2/2024-11/24/2024

Christmas Mail: 11/2/2024-11/24/2024

My Santa: 11/30/2024-12/29/2024

The March Sisters at Christmas: 11/30/2024-12/29/2024

*windows subject to change


12 Dog Days of Christmas

DESCRIPTION: A troubled teen assigned to an animal shelter must find homes for 12 unwanted dogs before Christmas.

CAST: Reginald Vel Johnson, Vincent Giovagnoli, Grainne McDermott.

WINDOWS: 11/27/2023 – 12/31/2023

Another Christmas Kiss

DESCRIPTION: When Jenna meets a stranger under the mistletoe, sparks fly. Then they learn he is her new boss.

CAST: Elisabeth Harnois, Elisabeth Rohm, Jonathan Bennett, Adam Mayfield, Lola Glaudini, Stephen Muzzonigro

WINDOW: 11/4/2023 – 11/26/2023

A Perfect Christmas

DESCRIPTION: Ad exec Holly sells perfection. But living her perfect Christmas fantasy turns out to be a problem.

CAST: Claire Coffee, Ryan McPartlin

WINDOWS: 2023: 11/27/2023 – 12/31/2023        2024: 11/2/2024-11/24/2024

Back to Christmas

DESCRIPTION: A kind stranger gives Ali a second chance to redo last Christmas and take back the love of her life.

CAST: Kelly Overton, Michael Muhney, Mark Hutter, Gloria Loring, Jennifer Elise Cox, Jonathan Patrick Moore

WINDOW: 11/4/2023 – 11/26/2023

Christmas Mail

DESCRIPTION: Postman Matt's new co-worker Kristi answers all the letters to St. Nick, and Matt falls in love.

CAST: Ashley Scott, A.J. Buckley, Lochlyn Munro, Piper Harris Rolonda Watts

WINDOWS: 11/2/2024-11/24/2024

My Dad is Scrooge

DESCRIPTION: To get Dad into the holiday spirit, kids stage "A Christmas Carol" with animals on the family farm.

CAST: Christian Laurian Kerr, Brian Cook, Charles Shaughnessy, Bonnie Wright

WINDOWS: 11/2/2024-11/24/2024

My Santa

DESCRIPTION: Jen loses faith in the magic of Christmas, but then she meets Chris, son of the real Santa Claus.

CAST: Samaire Armstrong, Jen Robbins, Matthew Lawrence, Julie Brown, Jim O'Heir, Ben Gavin

WINDOWS: 2023: 11/4/2023 – 11/26/2023        2024: 11/30/2024 – 12/29/2024

The March Sisters At Christmas

DESCRIPTION: To save the family home, four sisters tackle home improvement but romantic entanglements intrude.

CAST: Charlie Hofheimer, Georgia Lyman, Joe Corazzini, John Shea, John Simpson, Jr., Melisa Farman, Paula Plum

WINDOWS: 11/30/2024 – 12/29/2024