PPI's 2020 Holiday Movie Pack is: 5 two-hour movies (5 x 120:00) for the following:

  1. A Perfect Christmas - Advertising executive Holly Maddux sells perfection in her ads. But when she gets the chance at her own perfect Christmas fantasy, it turns out perfection isn’t so perfect after all. (2012)

    CAST: Claire Coffee, Ryan McPartlin
    WINDOWS 2020: 11/9/2020-12/6/2020

  2. Love For Christmas - Heather, a local theater director, and Bobby, home from the Navy, run into each other after years apart. They quickly realize that their mutual childhood crush might lead to an unexpected romance. (2012)

    CAST: Alex Peters, Janiece Jary, Mark Famiglietti, Maxim Knight, Nickki DeLoach, Peter Holden, Rob Mayes
    WINDOWS 2020: 11/9/2020-12/6/2020

  3. The March Sisters At Christmas - To keep the family home from being sold, four sisters tackle home improvement. But their romantic entanglements soon become a distraction. (2012)

    CAST: Charlie Hofheimer, Georgia Lyman, Joe Corazzini, John Shea, John Simpson, Jr., Melisa Farman, Paula Plum
    WINDOWS 2020: 11/16/2020-12/13/2020

  4. A Star For Christmas - Cupcakery owner Cassie can’t help falling for her hunky new customer. But when he turns out to be action superstar Alex Gray, will their relationship survive Hollywood and the holidays? (2012)

    CAST: Travis Van Winkle, Briana Evigan, Brooke Burns, Corey Sevier, Jeremy Howard
    WINDOWS 2020: 11/23/2020-12/25/2020

  5. 3 Holiday Tails - David and Lisa are meant to be together but they haven’t figured that out yet. With help from family, friends, and four loveable dogs, this couple will truly have a Christmas to remember. (2012)

    CAST: Alex Peters, Bruce Davison, Kc Clyde, Julie Gonzalo
    WINDOWS 2020: 11/23/2020-12/25/2020

A Perfect Christmas
Trailer for "A Perfect Christmas"
Love For Christmas
Trailer for "Love For Christmas"
The March Sisters At Christmas
Trailer for "The March Sisters At Christmas"
A Star For Christmas
Trailer for "A Star For Christmas"
3 Holiday Tails
Trailer for "3 Holiday Tails"