PPI's 2020 Holiday Movie Pack is: 5 two-hour movies (5 x 120:00) for the following:

  1. A Perfect Christmas - Advertising executive Holly Maddux sells perfection in her ads. But when she gets the chance at her own perfect Christmas fantasy, it turns out perfection isn’t so perfect after all. (2012)

    CAST: Claire Coffee, Ryan McPartlin
    WINDOWS 2020: 11/9/2020-12/6/2020

  2. My Santa  (NEW) - Going through tough times, single mother Jen has lost her faith in the magic of Christmas. But when she takes her son Eric to the local mall to see Santa, Jen immediately feels a love-connection with the man behind the fake beard, Chris. But Chris is carrying a big secret… he is the real-life son of Santa Claus, and his mission is to find himself a Mrs. Claus. Will Jen realize the true meaning of Christmas—and admit her love for Chris—before it's too late? Or will Chris return home having failed his mission and leave Jen behind. (2013)

    CAST: Samaire Armstrong, Matthew Lawrence, Julie Brown, Jim O'Heir.    WINDOWS 2020: 11/9/2020 – 12/06/2020

  3. The March Sisters At Christmas - To keep the family home from being sold, four sisters tackle home improvement. But their romantic entanglements soon become a distraction. (2012)

    CAST: Charlie Hofheimer, Georgia Lyman, Joe Corazzini, John Shea, John Simpson, Jr., Melisa Farman, Paula Plum
    WINDOWS 2020: 11/16/2020-12/13/2020

  4. Back to Christmas (NEW) Trying to skip out on Christmas, Ali turns to work during the holidays. After running in to her ex and his new girlfriend, Ali starts to think about her past and how things might have gone differently had she not broken up with him a year before on Christmas Eve. Upon meeting a kind stranger at a diner, who encourages Ali to believe in the magic of the holidays, Ali admits that she would redo last Christmas if she could. The next morning, she wakes to realize that her second chance has come true—but changing history is no easy task, and Ali has her hands full trying to navigate every decision to make sure that this time around she ends up with the love of her life. (2015)

    CAST: Kelly Overton, Michael Muhney, Jonathan Patrick Moore, Gloria Loring  WINDOWS 2020: 11/23/2020 – 12/25/2020

  5. 12 Dog Days Till Christmas (RETURNING) After being assigned to an animal rescue shelter as part of his community service by his probation officer, a troubled teenager is forced to get into the spirit of the holidays when he is recruited to help find homes for twelve unwanted dogs before Christmas.

    CAST: Reginald Vel Johnson, Vincent Giovagnoli, Grainne McDermott. 
    WINDOWS 2020: 11/23/2020-12/25/2020

A Perfect Christmas
Trailer for "A Perfect Christmas"
The March Sisters At Christmas
Trailer for "The March Sisters At Christmas"
A Star For Christmas
Trailer for "A Star For Christmas"
Back to Christmas
Back to Christmas
My Santa
My Santa