Da Vinci‚Äôs Inquest is a critically-acclaimed weekly prime-time procedural drama in the mold of CSI or Law and Order.   Charismatic, controversial and mercurial Coroner Dominic Da Vinci (Nicholas Campbell) is the pivot around which this complex world spins. Working with homicide detectives and pathologists, he speaks for the dead to protect the living.

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- Award winning prime time procecural drama

- Budget of over $1.1 million per episode

- 104 one-hour episodes (106 X 60)

- Available on a cash or barter basis

99999 Default

    2019-2020: 104 episodes (104 x :60) 

    Barter Split (7.0 Local / 7.0 National)

    No restrictions on runs or repeats (provided all air within the same 7 day week)

    Cash option available