Based on cases ripped from the headlines and solved by an elite team of  investigators, FORENSIC FACTOR details the trade secrets used by the world’s best sleuths to nab the most elusive criminals, with richly produced re-enactments of crucial incidents and first-hand accounts from the experts providing depth and insight.


- Format: One-hours

- Utlity: Weekends

- Barter: 7:30 Local/7:30 National

- Delivery: Two (2) episodes delivered weekly, via Pathfire

- Effectively delivers Women 25-54 and Adults 25-54.

- $2 million+ per episode production for Discovery Channel main network and global affiliates.

- Richly-produced reenactments, with commentary from the real CSIs.

- Pairs well with news, reality, unscripted and procedural drama programming.

Sample Episode
Washington Sniper
Sample Episode
Murder In Las Vegas
Sample Episode
A Promised Land
Sample Episode
Love Bites
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Here are sales highlights for Forensic Factor, for the week of Aug 31-Sep 6. Comparisons are based on shares with 2 decimals.

Chicago, WMEU (IND) Sat 5:00pm - Soars +39% over last year's time period with HH. More than doubles its own July 2020 HH delivery, too.

Houston, KUBE (IND) Sun 11:00pm - Infinite increase over King-Queens/Seinfeld (0.00) in last year's time period, with W25-54. Stronger than in the July 2020 sweep by +14%, with W25-54.

Atlanta, WGCL (CBS) Sat 2:00-4:00am - Tentpole TV, jumping +26% over its Entertainers lead-in, while its lead-out declines, with HH.

Tampa, WTTA (IND) Sat 12:30am - Outperforms its Whacked Sports lead-in: HH (+37%), W18-49 (+10%), W25-54 (+13%). Builds strength over itself compared to its first sweep... and its last sweep. Vs. First Sweep: HH more than quadruple, while W18-49 and W25-54 are infinitely up. Vs. Last Sweep: HH are more than 11 times better, while W18-49 and W25-54 are more than 7x stronger.

Detroit, WMYD (IND) Sun 12:00m - Builds over its first sweep (+1%) and its last sweep (+33%), with HH.

Orlando, WKCF (CW) Sat 4:00pm - Great growth over its first sweep... and its last sweep. Vs. First Sweep: HH are up +51%, while W18-49 and W25-54 are more than 8 times stronger. Vs. Last Sweep: HH are up +34%, while W18-49 is more than quadruple, and W25-54 is almost quadruple. 

Sacramento, KQCA (IND) Sat 2:00pm and Sun 1:00am

On Saturday... It's Appointment TV, with infinite increases over its 0.00 lead-in, while its Chicago PD lead-out returns to 0.00, with HH and W25-54. The show is more than triple what it delivered in its first sweep with W25-54. It's also +35% above what it delivered in July 2020 with W25-54.

On Sunday... It's Tentpole TV, standing above its Chicago PD lead-in, while its Movie lead-out fades downward, with W18-49 and W25-54. Lead-in gains are +5% with W18-49, and +6% with W25-54. The show is building strength over its first sweep... and its last sweep. Vs. First Sweep: HH (+64%), W18-49 (more than 5 times better), W25-54 (more than double). Vs. Last Sweep, HH soar by +81%, while W18-49 and W25-54 are more than quadruple.

Pittsburgh, WTAE (ABC) Sun 12:30am - Builds +5% over its own July 2020 HH delivery.

San Diego, NFMB (CW) Sat 3:00am and Sun 4:00pm

On Saturday... Forensic Factor almost doubles its July 2020 delivery. The show is also infinitely up over its 0.00 lead-in.

On Sunday... Forensic Factor jumps +48% over its Forensic FILES lead-in. The show is also +80% improved over its first sweep. And, it more than doubles itself compared to its July 2020 score.

Salt Lake City, KUCW (CW) Sat 2:00pm - Infinite increase over its sleeping 0.00 lead-in. Mammoth +68% gain over its first sweep, too.

Kansas City, KMBC (ABC) Sat 4:00am - Almost triples its Made in Hollywood lead-in. Trending up over the past 3 weeks.

Columbus, WWHO (CW) Sun 6:00pm - Great gains over its first sweep (+75%) and its last sweep (+43%).

Milwaukee, WISN (ABC) Sat 12:00m - Appointment TV, with a +9% rise over its lead-in, while its Entertainers lead-out declines. Huge improvement over its first sweep (+98%) and its last sweep (+72%).

West Palm Beach, WTVX (CW) Sun 10:00pm - Tentpole TV, standing +6% above its CW Network lead-in, while its Wipeout lead-out slips and falls.

Las Vegas, KLAS (CBS) Sat 1:30am - More Tentpole Action, outdelivering its Elementary lead-in by +10%, while the News lead-out declines. In fact, Forensic Factor is +80% superior to Elementary/News in last year's time period. And, the show is +25% improved from its own July 2020 level.

Austin, KNVA (CW) Sun 1:00am - Almost triples its own score from its first sweep. Superior to its Heartland lead-in by +24%, too.

Norfolk, WTVZ (IND) Sat 8:00pm and Sun 1:00am

On Saturday... Forensic Factor is +54% stronger than the July 2020 time period. It's also +27% better than it was in its first sweep.

On Sunday... Forensic Factor is Tentpole TV, rising +30% over its Ring of Honor lead-in, while its lead-out declines. The show is +68% better than its first sweep... and more than doubles itself compared to July 2020.

Providence, EPRI (IND) Sat 8:00pm - Appointment TV in primetime, with an infinite increase over its How I Met Your Mother lead-in (0.00), while its Carbonaro lead-out goes to sleep (0.00). The show is also +31% stronger than it was in July 2020.

Source: NSI WRAP Multi-Market Program Tracks; Week of 8/31/20; Comparisons by 2-decimal share in Live+SD; First sweep is Nov 2019; Last sweep is July 2020; Lead-in comparison is prior 1/4 hr to full program average